Monthly Molasses Market Report – October 2014

Date: October 2014   Europe European beet molasses users are starting to see the benefits of favorable growing weather and an increase in planted acreage across Western and Eastern Europe as a larger sugar beet crop has a downward effect on the price of beet molasses.  However, the main beneficiaries of the recent price movement is the fermentation industry as it continues to swallow up the majority of available [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – June 2014

Date: June 2014   Europe Positive news on the beet molasses front. Excellent sewing conditions across Eastern and Western Europe have been followed by a period of perfect growing weather. In response to this; growers have expanded the acreage planted, however it is still too early to know by how much. If this results in a good European beet crop and a downward price movement, it could help ease [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – April 2014

Date: April  2014   Europe Sewings of sugar beet across Europe have rolled out a month early due to favorable planting conditions on the tail end of a mild winter. This is good news as a longer growth period will result in a higher sugar quantity within the beet and a higher sugar quantity in the beet molasses. Moving forward into next year this could bring down the price [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – March 2014

Date: March 2014   Europe Offtakes across Europe have been strong moving into the spring. Cane imports into Europe have followed suit as traders are lifting the remaining quantities from Central America. Political unrest and the resulting weakening Russian Ruble has led to a higher amount of Russian beet molasses becoming available for export. However, despite recent movement, the price gap between beet molasses and cane molasses remains too [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – February 2014

Date: February 2014   Europe Cane offtakes on the continent have increased during the early part of the year, however it is tough to distinguish whether this is due to an increase in feed demand or down to the high cost of beet molasses across the region meaning feed users switching to cane. Shipments have been entering Europe from Central America and Asia however crops from these origins will [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – January 2014

Date: January 2014   Europe As we enter the new year the first shipments of the new of crops from the US have started to land into Europe and will be followed by the first shipments from the Indian and Central American crops in the early part of February.  The transition from old crop to new crop in India and CA went by without any issues or interruptions, with [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – August 2013

Date: August 2013   Europe Shipments into Europe have been quiet due to low seasonal demand from the feed sector. Northern hemisphere old crops are over and monsoon season is now underway in cane growing areas such as Thailand, India and Pakistan. Only available spot cargo is from Indonesia and Australia however high freight prices into Europe, due to the distance, are keeping prices higher than demand would suggest. [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – July 2013

Date: July 2013   Europe The increasingly bearish grain markets and resulting decline in feed ration replacement costs, have led to feed producers becoming hesitant to commit to large quantities of molasses. This has resulted in very little activity in the European market over the past weeks. However this recent slump in demand has only led to FOB prices of molasses stabilising at current levels, as supply still remains [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – June 2013

Date: June 2013 Europe Movement of cane molasses into Europe has slowed slightly through the latter period of May/early part of June. However, nearby supply/demand calculations suggests that the market will become increasingly tight in the coming months. A larger than expected crop from Mexico has had little impact on this as the main traders seem reluctant to take product from this origin due to a history of defaulting [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – May 2013

Date: May 2013   Europe Shipment activity has remained slow in to European ports as the effects of last winter’s bullish market are still in play. However April off takes across the whole of Europe remained at an unusually high level for this time of year, due to the cold weather prolonging the demand for feedstuffs. Beet growing areas are currently under a later sewing than usual (2/3 weeks [...]

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