Prime Market Report – March 2019

MONTHLY MOLASSES MARKET REPORT Date:              March 2019 Europe Beet Molasses With the beet molasses market still feeling the effects of last year’s drought and resulting over-selling of crops, prices are continuing to firm across Europe with some origins trading a $15-$20 premium to previous crop. Strong demand from the fermentation industry means prices could continue to firm as we move forward. Cane Demand Cane demand is up between 20-30% [...]

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Prime Market Report November 2018

  MONTHLY MOLASSES MARKET REPORT   Date:              November 2018   Europe Beet Molasses Despite the sugar beet planting area being the same as last year, the drought has resulted in an expected 10-15% reduction in sugar beet crushed for the harvest. On top of this, beet molasses yield will again be significantly lower due to the drought which could mean an overall year on year reduction of beet molasses [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – June 2018

Date:              June 2018   Europe Beet Molasses   Beet molasses prices have moved upwards in recent weeks as we enter the latter stages of the crop. Overstated crop size in Eastern Europe has meant the end of the beet crop has caught traders by surprise and has moved prices up $15/20 as the fermentation industry scrambles for the remaining cargo.     Cane Demand   Cane demand has increased [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – January 2018

Date:              January 2018   Europe Beet Molasses   After a large sugar beet harvest across Europe, many factories are still in the crushing stages of the harvest. Early indicators of yield have been solid if not spectacular, however with the cold weather and frost moving in during the latter part of the season we could see this drop off. It is still to be seen if yield levels mean [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – May 2017

Date:              May 2017   Europe Beet Molasses   Planted beet Areas in Europe have increase on average 16%. Providing yield stays at a similar level to last year this suggests an increase in molasses available and a downward movement in price. However, there is also expected to be a dramatic increase in demand for molasses from the yeast industry. For the last few years some producers have been using [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – January 2017

Date:              January 2017   Europe Beet Molasses   Western Europe – Western Europe has had a very good harvest this year (upscaling production due to reduction in EU sugar quotas – see previous report), however there has not been as much molasses produced as earlier forecast. In particular, a dry September in Germany and Poland increase sugar yields, but had the opposite effect on molasses yields. It is important [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – October 2016

Date:              October 2016   Europe Beet Molasses   Western Europe – Western Europe has had a very good harvest this year. With the 2017 relaxing of the sugar quotas; the sugar producers have put pressure on the farmers to increase planted acreage a year early in order to smooth the transition.  This has led to a lot of upscaling already having taken place and more beet molasses available despite [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – March 2016

Date:              March 2016   Europe Beet Molasses   This year has seen a reduction in available beet molasses, due to a low sugar price, resulting in a smaller planting acreage.  Strong demand from the fermentation industry in Europe and from MSG production in Asia has given support to the beet molasses price and made it unviable for feed producers on the continent, due to it trading at a large [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – August 2015

Date:              August 2015   Europe This season’s beet molasses harvest is expected to be lower than the previous year’s, resulting in an upward movement of price. This is mainly a result of the low world sugar prices initiating a drop in planted sugar beet acreage, and hasn’t been helped by a lack of rain Germany and Holland providing poor growing conditions. It was hoped that the larger planted acreage [...]

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Monthly Molasses Market Report – December 2014

Date:              December 2014   Europe As the beet crushing period comes to end across Europe with the factories coming to close before Christmas/New Year, producers can look back at one of the most successful harvests of beet sugar and beet molasses on record. This has driven the price of beet molasses down, eroding the majority of the recent price premium it has held over cane molasses in recent seasons. [...]

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